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ChanMi Jung Pyles was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Her creative mind and abilities developed early on in poetry, music, and art as a young child. Her curiosity and creativity grew significantly under her grandfather, a traditional Korean calligraphy artist, and a talented, disabled woman oil painter as ChanMi was taught by them for a number of years. In those art studios, ChanMi found inexplicable calmness, peace, and joy in her spirit. However, it wasn’t until later in her 30s since becoming a mother, her creativity found its calling, colors, depth, and purpose. In her home studio, as she picked up a paint brush, she found rejuvenation of the soul, re-centering of the heart, and freedom in her journey. 


She then began creating heaven-inspired, soul-uplifting, life-giving art and sharing them with others to encourage them on their own journey. ChanMi has released several original art collections since 2021, “Imperfect Splendor,” “Lovely As You Are,” “Heart Garden,” “Abide and Behold,” and "Unique Pieces." Her works have been part of various exhibitions, in Italy, Tokyo, New York City, California, and Pennsylvania, in the U.S.. And her poetry and art have been published with an award-winning print magazine, Truly. Her art also has been featured in various ministries, such as the Well NYC and Velvet Ashes.  

ChanMi Jung Pyles has a Bachelors of Arts degree in English and Spanish Language and Literature from Korea University, Seoul, South Korea. She holds a Master of Science in Education specializing in Intercultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to fully committing her season to motherhood and creating, she worked in non-profit organizations for several years. ChanMi creates out of her rich training in language and literature, humanities, and intercultural communication to speak to a global audience through her art and writing.


On any given day, you will find her taking nature walks with her family, Brian, Chaya, and Elisha, writing poetry, drinking a good cup of coffee, and creating with curiosity, passion, and joy in her home-studio right outside of Philadelphia, US.  

Marble Surface


"ChanMi has a true gift and talent. Her work is not only beautiful but she has a remarkable gift to evoke such emotion and feeling with her art.

You can feel her passion and the faith journey behind each unique piece is awe inspiring. I've had the privilege of purchasing both unique pieces and commissioned work and ChanMi has truly captured exactly what I had in mind and I'm transported each time I see these pieces. Thank you ChanMi for sharing your work and your journey with the world"



“ChanMi’s art is more than just conversational; it’s tangible and Holy spirit-led. You can feel her passion and love for Jesus in each piece.”


"ChanMi’s artwork, and the stories behind each piece, are beautiful reminders to be present and reflective. Following her art journey is an invitation for us to respond by asking where God may be leading us…"


"Some people use art to tell a story of brokenness,

some get healed from that story telling process.
ChanMi’s art captures a glimpse of what God speaks through her, from every stroke to blending every shade of colors. It leaves you wondering for more, yet satisfied and grateful for what God would speak next."


"Beautifully pleasing to the eye and uplifting to the heart and soul. I feel encouraged every time I look at your paintings on my walls."


“ChanMi’s art pieces are so beautiful and original and are a perfect addition to any space! She’s very responsive and happy to customize, which makes for the perfect piece! Would highly recommend for any art need!”​                                                                   


"Fascinated by the limitless curiosity and exploration involved in space travel, we envisioned a painting that would capture those elements in an elegant and awe-struck manner. We commissioned the painting with Chanmi and saw our vision come to life in a piece that left us in awe and wonder of God. The space mountains, the stars, the planet, and space itself have come to life for our present and future generations."


"I am constantly refreshed and reminded by ChanMi’s Art journey that His beauty is all around us. Her art reflects life; life reflects beauty; beauty reflects Christ in all His creation. Thank you for encouraging all of us with your gift."                                                        


"ChanMi’s art is beautiful and I have loved all the pieces I have bought for my friends as gifts and for my own home. The work is not only gorgeous but often includes scripture or other words of encouragement that make for a great gift. She is also wonderful to work with-prompt, thoughtful and detail oriented. It is always a pleasure to work with her when I have purchased art from her!"


“Chanmis’s creative work is not only beautiful, but thoughtful. The heart behind her artwork makes it even more special.”



"ChanMi's artistic gift is nothing short of extraordinary– it's God-given, encouraging, and powerful. Her passion for art and for using it to lift up others is something special, and I'm honored to have a few of her incredible pieces hanging up in my office!" 



"Chanmi crafts her art pieces with much love and care, and they all convey a powerful message of God’s love and hope that is so uplifting and encouraging. I especially enjoy gifting Chanmi’s art to those I love as they are also packaged so thoughtfully and beautifully! "


"In Chanmi's art, I sense a reverance for the Creator and the creative process. Whether through imagery of nature or abstract pieces, I appreciate how her work embraces the beauty of imperfection and captures a tender vulnerability, profound hope, and quiet wonder. Chanmi's art is not only gorgeous but embodies her faith journey, which makes it that much more meaningful."


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