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"The Living Water" in AQUARS II Exhibition, at Museo d'Arte e Scienza, Milan, Italy (11/26-12/3, 2022)

My artwork "The Living Water" (16" diameter mixed media fluid art) was exhibited at AQUARS II Exhibition hosted by Art Space, in Milano, Italy.

The following description of the artwork "the Living Water" was pulished in the official catalogue of the exhibition.

"The Living Water purifies, refreshes, and quenches our thirst. It also vivifies and gives life and meaning to our souls. In this painting, I wanted to capture this Living Water that is actively moving and deeply satisfying. In this Living Water, we will find long-lasting joy, hope, and purpose we yearn to live by." 

And this artwork received a diploma as winner in the special category.

Here is the official recap video of the exhibtion AQUARS II.

Exhibition Gallery

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