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Imperfect Splendor paintings are created without traditional brushes. They are created with “spatulas or shapers” to create rugged, textured layers and depth. They are not clean-cut paintings. Instead, they are created with lots of layers and blemishes to reflect our imperfect journey. As our journey is often marred with mistakes, disappointments, sorrows, and brokenness, these paintings are painted to reflect our imperfect journey. However, beauty can still be found in the midst of all the imperfect places of life as we allow God to redeem, restore, and rewrite our story in His great mercy and love. Thus, imperfectly splendid beauty is captured and celebrated in these “imperfectly splendid pieces.” The Imperfect Splendor paintings remind people to embrace our imperfections and brokenness. And these pieces call people to remember there is a deeper beauty that can be re-built and celebrated as we let the Creator and Redeemer God redefine and re-purpose our journey.

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