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Twirl Into The Light framed.jpg
You Are My Sunshine framed.jpg

Unique Pieces Original Art Collection

The Unique Pieces Original Art Collection was born out of curiosity, freedom, and creative search. In my art studio, in order to explore new ways of creating, I often go out of my “familiarity” or “comfort zone” to create something new using different techniques and colors. While I love creating themed collections, I also love this curious, experimental creative time because it refreshes my creativity and passion. Out of these times, these unique pieces are born, and I am reminded of how we are so uniquely created with such different colors, textures, tones, layers, and stories. And this collection will be an “on-going” collection as more unique pieces will be added as they are created. My prayer is that these unique pieces would remind the viewers of unique purposes and callings we have in our journey.

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