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Do you love quality time with people? ⏰ I do. I love having people over (of course before the pandemic) for a good cup of coffee or a meal and love getting to know them by listening to their stories. Or I love going on a nature walk to feel the fresh air together through the trees and streams and love feeling simply being together. Or I love having many silly conversations while getting all- messy through cooking or gardening together. Or l love having some stress-releasing laughters together while eating some good ice cream. 🍦 . While we desire this kind of good quality time with others, our Father also desires to have some real good quality time with us. Many complicate faith with so many "do's and don'ts." (And by trying to follow that, they tire themselves out). But the Heavenly Father, God the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity - the Person of God, I know - He desires communion (as in not some ritual), conversation (as in not some fancy prayers only special people can say), and true fellowship to make Himself and His great love known to us. 🌿 . I am personally in a season of undoing many layers of "traditions" and "rituals" of so-called religion. Instead of getting stuck in what is "allowed" or "not allowed" by human traditions (even in the church), I feel called to enter fully into this personal relationship with God. Really, not as a cliche, I desire real good quality time with God throughout the day while doing all the "mundane" things that I am called to do in mothering, art, writing, etc. I want to know HIM deeper, fuller, and more passionately. I want to be faithful in living out His calling without fearing men or trying to please everyone. 🏞 .

Friends, He is also calling you into this relationship. A kind of relationship that gives life, uplifts and frees. And He calls you into an adventure to do what you were created to do. Don't let the world or human traditions define who you are or what you can/can't do. We must be tuned into His voice alone and follow His lead - by spending some real good quality time with Him. 🌿 Together, with Him - you will find the rest, the path, and the light. 🌅 12 x 16 acrylic paintings on canva papers


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