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"Do This In Remembrance of Me," Painting Published in Truly Magazine, CREATE Issue Fall 2022

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I'm so excited to let you know that my art, "Do This In Remembrance of Me," (11"x14" mixed media painting) has been published with the Truly Magazine @thetrulyco once again in their "CREATE" issue - a theme so dear to my heart.

It was my honor to create and collaborate with amazing, creative, Christ-following people at Truly. And I'm so blessed and honored to be paired with such a gifted writer, Alicia Boyce @aliciathewriter. This issue is really beautiful and packed with such deep, amazing insights and encouragement.

In her article, "Exodus 31," Alicia Boyce talks about how we can use our skills to build the church and reflect the Kingdom of God.

"In the same way that God called and equipped people to gather together and build the tabernacle, he has called and equipped members of the church with necessary gifts and talents to build his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven."

"He has woven specific giftings into the very fiber of our being and equipped us to be an extension of the kingdom of God." - Alicia Boyce

In response to Alicia's beautiful article on using our various giftings for the Kingdom of God, I created this piece, "Do This In Remembrance of Me," on a canvas to capture how there are diverse giftings of the Holy Spirit in each of us and how there is unity like a beautiful tapestry as we bring our giftings together. The unique patterns on the colorful elements simbolize our varied giftings. But as we use our giftings in remembrance of Christ (Luke 22:18-20) as inscribed in the New Testament Greek over the arch in the painting, God brings out divine, Kingdom unity and beauty.

I thank God for this opportunity to be published in the Truly Magazine, in the CREATE issue with my art.

All glory to Him,

- ChanMi

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