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I used to think growth is found in "big" places.

Big achievements,

big changes,

big events (like big conferences or retreats),

and big milestones.

But as I am getting older,

I am learning that true growth (that is long lasting)

is found in "small," every day places.

True growth is found in...

- Being able to be fully present with those in front of me,

- Being able to be patient when things are not going the way you want,

- Being able to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep,

- Being able to appreciate each day's grace and each breath

(and not take it for granted),

- Being able to remain grateful in smallest blessings,

- Being able to be steadfast even in hardships and uncertainties,

- Being able to be content with what's given without comparing with others,

- Being able to find joy in giving and serving.

So today - I celebrate these "small" steps of growth I see in my life.

Though I have a long way to grow in these seemingly small, yet mighty ways,

I am thankful for God

who is the Author and Perfecter of my journey

and who is patient with me.

And I hope you also celebrate and appreciate your growth

in every day's small places.

Let us keep fixing our eyes on Him

who delights in our small ways of growing (and not always visible ways)

simply because we are His beloved children.



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