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Imperfect Splendor

I love the process of creating abstract pieces. (as you've noticed) --

particularly because of the very imperfect process.

It seems though it mirrors my own journey.

You have a big "vision" that is yet to be fully defined,

you pour paint over the empty canvas,

Each stroke and each touch of knife or brush,

you are still unsure of where it is heading,

you feel puzzled, confused, and excited all at the same time,

every color, every layer, every movement,

it tells a tiny story -- that is yet to be weaved into a big story,

you are in the middle of it,

you are in the waiting and anticipation,

you are hoping and trusting,

you are holding on and carrying on,

you are seeking His voice,

all in all,

His grace comes to meet you,

His joy comes to awaken you,

His strength comes to restore you,

His purpose comes to name you,

My beloved,

My child,

Fully covered by the Son,

Fully loved by the Father,

Fully awakened by the Spirit.



yet splendid,


yet beautiful.


So trust,

trust wholeheartedly,

So hope,

hope wholeheartedly.


There's a beauty,

Imperfect, splendid beauty,

in the process,

in the waiting,

in the journey.


-ChanMi Jung Pyles




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