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The Art of Tuning In

Hi friend,

Hope you are doing well!

One day last week, I was listening to a radio station while driving, and the radio station's frequency kept getting mixed with another radio station's. Due to its sound being mixed-up, the sound became unbearable noises.

In my journey, I often experience similar things. There are so many voices and noises in our lives, I often become feeling exhausted from the noises.

There are so many voices. Voices of people around us. Voices of social media and news. Voices of our own self-critic. Voices of past regret. Voices of future fears.

No wonder it is often hard for us to listen to the ONE voice of the Triune God.

The voice of the loving, forgiving, restoring Heavenly Father.

The voice of Christ - our Redeemer and faithful friend.

The voice of the Holy Spirit - our Counselor and Helper.

Perhaps, you and I need this ART of tuning into the voice of God.

The art of shutting off other noises.

The art of entering into His presence.

The art of receiving, resting, and tuning into the voice of God.

I pray you and I will hone in on this art of tuning in this season.

In doing so, we will find the clarity, rest, and confidence we need.



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