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In The Light

I recently had the honor to be able to collaborate with the Well Church in NYC. I created an abstract art collection for this collaboration, titled "In The Light." Here is a poem I wrote to accompany In The Light exhibition. I hope and pray that this poem would lift up your heart and lead you to the Light of the world and the Giver of the Light.

In The Light

- by ChanMi Jung Pyles

The Light was there in the beginning

with the Father of lights

who gifts generously

who bestowed life-breathing Light

upon all creation.

The Light came through the Son of Man

and darkness was no more

the power of sin was no more

love was lavished on us

on all who came to the Light.

The Light is right here with us

in our everyday

joys and sorrows

mountains and valleys

guiding and walking with us

every step of the way.

The Light restores and renews

enlivens and empowers

enriches and upholds

makes all things new

makes us new.

The Light is leading us home

to the glory of God

who shines on us

who gives everlasting Light

and we will dwell in the Light forever.


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