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My day is often painted in a completely different mood depending on types of questions I ask myself.

When I ask these questions,

"Why am I tired again?"

"Why do I have to do this again? (Usually while doing cleaning the floors or laundries)

"Why CAN'T THEY do that better?"

"Why is the weather terrible again?"

I am usually feeling grumpy, complaining, irritated, and entitled.

But instead, if I ask these questions,

"What matters? Really?"

"Am I loving those around me?"

"Am I being faithful with whatever is given to me?"

"Am I "famous" among "my people" who know me really well?"

"How am I to live today in light of eternity?"

Then I am not too quick to be upset or responsive and would not care too deeply about temporary or unimportant things. I would have more grace, humor, Joy, strength, and bigger heart.

So here's some encouragement to myself and you that we start our day (and end our day) with "better questions."

It truly is amazing how one question, one right or wrong question can set our heart and mind on a completely different course.


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