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There are a few ways I get "refreshed."

- Open a new bag of freshly grounded single origin medium roast coffee beans and smell its richness from fresh roasting.

- Take a nice walk by the breezy river with my family.

- Sit by the beach and feel the sand in the toes or run into the water with the pants rolled up no matter how cold the water is.

- Lay down on the freshly washed bed sheets just out of the dryer and feel its warmth.

- Look at the beautiful peonies and wonder what they would be like when they are in full bloom.

- Feel the smoothest skin of my baby and smooch on the cheeks until I hear his contagious giggles.

- Take a sip of freshly squeezed lemonade in a chilled, clear mason jar while reading a calming book.

- Spend some awesome quality time with my friends who can laugh and cry all at the same time.

But these ways of refreshment - though as good as they are - are quite temporary. Perhaps the refreshment lasts for a few minutes or a few days.

But when I get refreshed by HIM, something changes.

It's not like the outward, temporary change in my mood or feelings from other ways of refreshing.

It's the inward change -- a kind of change you cannot conjure yourself to make it happen.

It's a kind of change that simply happens just because you've spent the best time with the ONE who lavishes His perfect love upon you.

His voice calms the busy soul,

His touch comforts the saddened heart,

His words bring inexplicable joy -- joy that cannot adequately be put into words.

His presence is refreshing.

His presence refreshes the weary, tired soul.

In that encounter,

we are refreshed,

and we are changed.

So friends, I hope you enter into His presence and be refreshed today.

I desire His refreshing in our soul today (and every day) as it brings clarity in the process, joy in the hard times, and light in the darkness. 💐



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