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Have you noticed you are always listening to a voice? Have you noticed our mind is almost always never "blank"...?

Even when you are alone in your quiet bedroom corner, in your mind, you could be replaying the voice from the news casters that told you about all the wrong things that are happening in the world.

Or you could be replaying the voice of your friends that gave you unsolicited feedback -- that you don't have what it takes and that you'd better be "realistic."

Or you could be also re-playing the conversations of those co-workers that seem to not want to let you in their circle.

Or worse, you could be listening to your own negative voice,

that "you are not fit for this"

that "you are a failure"

that "no one wants you or what you can offer"

that "no one really cares about you"

that "your life is meaningless."

Or you could be flooding your dry soul with thousands, thousands of meaningless noises with one finger-tip access social media feeds, Youtube videos, Netflix shows, and even podcasts.

What voice are you hearing? What voice are you listening to? What voice are you allowing to be re-played loudly on your mind?

I know I can easily listen to any of these voices. Voices that rob of joy. Voices that dampen the calling. Voices that strike a thread of fear, doubt, and loneliness. And my own inner voice that wants to affirm and justify all the negativity flowing into mind.

But when I am at a loss,

with all those voices,

I seek the Good Shepherd.

He calls. His voice calms. His voice draws me.

Into His purpose,

Into His sovereignty,

Into His sufficient grace,

Into His embrace.

Into His presence

that silences all the other voices that are not life-giving.

He says,

"I'm your portion."

"I'm the ONE who can lead you, sustain you, and carry you."

So I tune in.

So I listen in.

And I surrender.

I hear the Voice,

the Only Voice that matters.

the Only Voice that guides

in righteousness and faithfulness.

So today and each day, I shall keep seeking His voice that breathes life and joy and purpose into the weary soul.


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