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On February 5th, 2023, I had the honor to collaborate with the Well Church again during their service with my spoken poem and art, "Salt and Light." (My art abstract collection, "In The Light," is still on display at the Well, The Scandinavia House at 58 Park Ave, NYC).

Here's the introduction of the poem and the artwork.

"Drawing from Matthew 5:13-20, the poem is written to encourage His children to shine the light of Christ and to use the salt of Jesus in every sphere of our lives. No matter how seemingly small they may seem, our light and salt can point to the hope and glory of God. The artwork captures our faithful offering of the light and salt given to us in layers after layers. As the gold leaf shines in the movements of the paintings, we can also shine the Light of Jesus in this light-deficient world as we follow after Him."

Here's the text of the poem, "Salt and Light."

Salt and Light

(based on Matthew 5:13-20)

- ChanMi Jung Pyles

You are the salt

of the earth

salt to preserve

salt to endure

salt to enhance

salt to strengthen

salt to point to Jesus.

You are the light

light that cannot be hidden

light that casts away darkness

light that illuminates

light that moves with power

light that uplifts weary hearts

light that is from Jesus.

So on this very day

don’t you hide your light

don’t you bury your salt

despite how seemingly miniscule they may seem

keep on using your salt

keep on shining your heavenly light

for the glory of the Father

who sees you

who delights in you

in your faithful walk.

You are the salt

you are the light

the world may not understand it

but God can multiply our small offerings

so bring your heart to him today

let Him fill you

let Him lift you up

with His salt and light

so the world may see

the fruitful bearing of Christ

the traces of Jesus

in you.

In our salt

in our light

right where you are

with what you’ve been given

may God be praised

may God be glorified

forever and ever


You can see the artist spotlight video clip in the following video - my painting process and poem, "Salt & Light" here! (The full service can be found here - but the spoken poem artist highlight begins around 25 minutes.)

I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my art and word to encourage people at the Well. I hope you are encouraged as well! In His Salt & Light, -ChanMi


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